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New Home and SSL

We have now completed the move to our new hosting site, and more importantly – we are now secure using a HTTPS connection and an SSL certificate.

After a very long evening and night, the site was moved to its new hosting location, and SSL certificates purchased and assigned to the site.

The whole website is now all HTTPS – so you can browse and shop in confidence.

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Coming Soon…..

I always try and get feedback from my customers, on how to improve the site, and the products I make. From one email conversation I had with a customer, an idea for a new product has come about, one which I would fine really useful in my own layout.

I have been giving it a lot of thought, and I am in the process of planning out a new PCB. It will combine the DCC Interface ( DDCI-1 ) with a power conversion circuit to allow the Arduino to be powered by the DCC power supply – all on the 1 Arduino Uno shield package.

I have to make a few prototypes, iron out the kinks, and give it a good test before releasing it, but I am very excited about the new product.

Watch this space…..

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New Idea – New Shop!

New Idea – New Shop!

Recently I got back in to Model Railways – and head first in to the world of DCC.

Coming from a programming back ground, DCC really interested me, and the possibilities it opened up.

My first project was with a turn table – on this forum page… DCC Controlled (PECO) Turntable Project using a Arduino Uno

It was about a friend Ray and his quest to run his turntable using DCC control… The thread was well established by the time i came along.

I wanted to build the same for my railway, so I set about experimenting and following the thread. As i progressed I built my own DCC Interface on a breadboard from my new friend Kevin’s page – Building a DCC Monitor with an Arduino and once it was working, I searched the internet for a pre-made DCC Interface as the breadboard was quite delicate – there were various examples using strip boards, but no professional ones…

So i built my own. I designed the PCB and had a few made from a Company called Aisler – These guys are great and they helped me so much.

And so I had an idea…..

If i wanted one, perhaps other people did too, and maybe i can make and sell them.


And so that is what i did………