About Us

Welcome to DCC Interface.

We sell a small number of products to help you automate your model railway using an Arduino. You can use an Arduino to control points, lights, a turntable – anything you might be able to imagine.

How we got started….

DCC Interface was started after a long time away from Model Railways. In the 25 years since it was all running on an 8ftx4ft board, DCC has emerged to become one of the most important advancements in train control.

Coming back to the love of Model Railways, I bought a Peco Turntable, and decided I wanted to try and control it automatically. I found a forum article which provided a wealth of information on how it could be done. One part of the project involved creating a DCC interface using a bread board.

After a while of the odd wire coming loose, I looked on the internet for a more permanent board – but found none….

So I decided to make my own.

Then I wondered – if I found myself wanting to buy one, were there other people who would also want to buy a ready made DCC Interface board for their Arduino projects? And so I decide to take the scary path and open my own online shop – selling my boards to help other people with their Arduino Model Railway projects…..

The shop is based in South East, in the UK sourcing parts from all over the world. I design and build the boards myself.

My aim is to help others make their Arduino Model Railway projects. The items I sell are there to provide a product where one could not be found.

I hope you enjoy making your Arduino Project……

If you are looking for any help or advice please email us on support@dccinterface.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.