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Increase in Postage for assembled Arduino Shields..

The limit for Royal Mail Large Letter is 25mm tall, and unfortunately the Arduino DCC Interface Shield and DCC TurnTable Interface for Uno are 23mm tall.

When in a jiffy bag, its very close to the limit for Large Letter – and for some Post Office Employees this is too thick, and other Post Offices Employees its fine….. so until i can find a better solution ( change the capacitors perhaps , or a small box ) I will have to increase postage on these items.

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New Home and SSL

We have now completed the move to our new hosting site, and more importantly – we are now secure using a HTTPS connection and an SSL certificate.

After a very long evening and night, the site was moved to its new hosting location, and SSL certificates purchased and assigned to the site.

The whole website is now all HTTPS – so you can browse and shop in confidence.

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Coming Soon…..

I always try and get feedback from my customers, on how to improve the site, and the products I make. From one email conversation I had with a customer, an idea for a new product has come about, one which I would fine really useful in my own layout.

I have been giving it a lot of thought, and I am in the process of planning out a new PCB. It will combine the DCC Interface ( DDCI-1 ) with a power conversion circuit to allow the Arduino to be powered by the DCC power supply – all on the 1 Arduino Uno shield package.

I have to make a few prototypes, iron out the kinks, and give it a good test before releasing it, but I am very excited about the new product.

Watch this space…..

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New Idea – New Shop!

New Idea – New Shop!

Recently I got back in to Model Railways – and head first in to the world of DCC.

Coming from a programming back ground, DCC really interested me, and the possibilities it opened up.

My first project was with a turn table – on this forum page… DCC Controlled (PECO) Turntable Project using a Arduino Uno

It was about a friend Ray and his quest to run his turntable using DCC control… The thread was well established by the time i came along.

I wanted to build the same for my railway, so I set about experimenting and following the thread. As i progressed I built my own DCC Interface on a breadboard from my new friend Kevin’s page – Building a DCC Monitor with an Arduino and once it was working, I searched the internet for a pre-made DCC Interface as the breadboard was quite delicate – there were various examples using strip boards, but no professional ones…

So i built my own. I designed the PCB and had a few made from a Company called Aisler – These guys are great and they helped me so much.

And so I had an idea…..

If i wanted one, perhaps other people did too, and maybe i can make and sell them.


And so that is what i did………