How to Update the Firmware – DCC Turntable Controller

In order to amend the firmware you will need to do the following…

  • Expand the zip file emailed to you -> to a folder with the same name as the zip file.
  • Download the Arduino IDE from
  • Find and download the CH340G driver for your machine ( if its Linux, I think it part of the kernel ). For windows I usually follow this route…
  • Once downloaded and installed, open the IDE
  • Open the Sketch [DCC_PremierKit_A4988_NANO.ino] that is in the unzipped file.
  • You don’t need to amend the [DCC_PremierKit_A4988_NANO.ino] file – most of what you need to do is in [configuration.h]
  • Install the NMRA and AccelStepper libraries from the [Manage Libraries….] menu item

  • Set the board to a “Arduino Nano” from the Tools->Boards Menu
  • Plug your Arduino in to your computer – the ch340g driver should show it up as a COM port.
  • Change the COM port from the “Tools” menu
  • Click “Verify” to make sure everything is building.
  • Click Upload to upload the new Firmware to the DCC Controller. The IDE will inform you once its complete.
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