Peco Turntable with Permanent Power to the Bridge Rails

This is a guide to converting the Peco Turntable ( OO Gauge ) LK-55 to have always on power through 360 deg rotation – useful for Sound Locos.


This guide is designed for an already built turntable – however it can be done ( and easier ) with a new build too.

The plan is minimal adapting, and all non-visual ( Hidden under the bridge )


The parts can be obtained from our online shop here


The first thing is to make a grove in the top of the plunger section for the wire to sit in. ( also drilled a hole to make it easier for the next stage


then drill a hole into the main plunger post at the side, into the inside of the plunger


it looks messy, but remember it will be hidden.


Next, feed some of the turntable wire in the pack down the plunger and out the hole on the side you just drilled. its best to give yourself plenty of length.



Then feed the end you just passed through the new drilled hole, up and down what should usually hold the spring loaded brass thingy. Make sure the wire does not go all the way through – i still have some poking out the plunger.

you should then have this…
next , take the brass spring loaded plunger thingy and solder the end that came out the rail side of the bridge to the flat end. The idea is we will reinsert the brass thing upside down.
should look like this…
then reinsert the plunger, wire down, nobble up into the hole below the track.


you can see it upside down in the hole…

now you need a 4mm brass rod, and solder the wire that comes out the main plunger part.
once done, file any poor soldering down ( 🙂 ) and insert into the plunger hole – helping the wire to feed out the drill hole on the side. Then used some insulation tape over the wire as it comes out from the bottom of the springy bass thingy.


Then you need to amend the collar on the table – so use a craft nice to cut out the bit of plastic that is usually between the two sides of the split ring – this is so you can solder the two together and not have it too raised.
Then place a small bit of solder on the ends of one split ring, place the other side ends over the top ( to maintain a true circle ) and join the two together by reheating the solder through the top one.
Then place it back in the turntable.
Then take a 4mm ID brass collar ( from kit ), and solder another separate piece of wire,


Next insert the turntable bridge in to the well, and slipped the collar on to the brass rod. Its not 100% fit ( a little bit loose ) so use a 4mm ID spring ( same as supplied in the kit ) to keep the collar against the stepper coupler ( not shown ).
this is the end result…


To isolate it against the Stepper motor, you can use a 5mm-5mm coupler, and use two heat shrink wraps to isolate the brass rod from the coupler – or use a Plum Jaw style Coupler.
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