Arduino Uno Model Railway DCC Interface Shield – Board Only


Arduino Uno Model Railway DCC Interface Shield

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An Arduino Shield to enable an Arduino Uno to become a Model Railway DCC Accessory Decoder.

Use this interface with an Arduino Uno to create your own Accessory Decoders, DCC monitors, turn out control, signal control in fact anything your imagination can create.


No more messing about with breadboards.

This is only the board. For a fully assembled version please go to here.


Board Connections….

The 2 pin connector is the DCC input. Your DCC feed will be two wires – one to each rail – connect a feed from one rail to Pin 1, and another feed from the other rail to Pin 2.

  • Depending on your DCC controller – you might have to switch the feeds over before a signal is picked up – if you don’t see packets switch the feeds.

If you wish to power the Arduino from the DCC Bus you can bridge the Power Jumper with a suitable jumper ( wire )

Testing the Interface.

The easiest way to test the interface is to upload a monitoring sketch from MynaBay Inc. and watch the packets appear on the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Follow the instructions from Step 15 to install the DCC_Decoder library.

Take a look at an example sketch to see how it can be turned in to a small cheap DCC decoder…

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