Arduino Uno/Mega Model Railway DCC Interface Shield


Arduino Uno Model Railway DCC Interface Shield

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A small and simple Shield to enable an Arduino Uno to become a Model Railway DCC Accessory Decoder.

Use this interface with an Arduino Uno/Mega to create your own Accessory Decoders, DCC monitors, turn out control, signal control in fact anything your imagination can create.

No more messing about with breadboards.


Board Connections….

The 2 pin connector is the DCC input. Your DCC feed will be two wires – one to each rail – connect a feed from one rail to Pin 1, and another feed from the other rail to Pin 2.

  • Depending on your DCC controller – you might have to switch the feeds over before a signal is picked up – if you don’t see packets switch the feeds.

If you wish to power the Arduino from the DCC Bus you can bridge the Power Jumper with a suitable jumper ( wire )

Testing the Interface.

The easiest way to test the interface is to upload a monitoring sketch from MynaBay Inc. and watch the packets appear on the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Follow the instructions from Step 15 to install the DCC_Decoder library.

Take a look at an example sketch to see how it can be turned in to a small cheap DCC decoder…

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 68.6 × 53.3 × 23 mm