Coming Soon – Model Railway WIFI Turntable Kit (Direct Mount)


Comming Soon – Model Railway WIFI Turntable Kit (Direct Mount)

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Coming Soon!

DCC Interface are pleased to announce that we are working on a new and exciting product.

Our new kit will allow you to operate and configure our turntable controller all from your PC/Phone or Tablet using a Web Browser! 

The Easiest way to operate your TurnTable to date…  Click/Touch* the index operation you need to perform. ( if your device allows touch operation such )

Configuring the controller will be the easiest method yet -> simple click on the configuration button and amend the configuration using the easy to use options…

The iController connects to your home WIFI to allow you the user to operate your turntable from your PC, Phone or Tablet – infact any device that has a web browser. New firmware features can be uploaded to the board using a dedicated “update” page keeping your product up to date.

the iController uses a completely new board design and featuring a new microcontroller – the ESP32 ( 32bit ) with built in WIFI. The new board carries over the existing 2.1mm barrel DC power supply jack, and TMC2208 for super smooth and quiet operation.

Price yet to be confirmed. New kit expected to go on sale March 2022.

Please register your interest here to be notified when the new kit is available….

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